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Series 1500
Laminated Bellows
Expansion Joints

Series 2500
Low Pressure
Round & Rectangular
Expansion Joints

Series 3500
Externally Pressurized
Expansion Joints

Series 4500
Braided Pump Connectors

Series 4500
V-Flex Connectors

Series 5500
Bellows Pump Connectors

Series 6500
Packed Expansion

Series 7500
Formed Metal Bellows

Series 8500

Series 9500
Alignment Guides

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Expansion JointsIndustrial Products

Hyspan maintains a
staff of engineers and
quality personnel
experienced in the
design, development
and testing of metal
bellows expansion
joints, packed
slip expansion joints
and ball joints
for industrial
including the most
severe operating
and environmental
High Pressure Ball Jointconditions. Company standards and registrations include the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code including a "U" stamp, the European Pressure Equipment Directive and the Canadian Boiler and Pressure Vessel Registration.  The company is a member of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association.

Laminated Bellows Expansion JointHeating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Products

Hyspan is the single source for expansion compensation and seismic connections in HVACBall Joint piping - the only manufacturer of metal hose assemblies, metal bellows expansion joints, packed slip expansion joints, ball joints and pipe guides.  Our complete line of products covers the entire range of sizes and operating conditions.  Let our products be your piping flexibility solution.

Medical BellowsOriginal Equipment & Defense Bellows
& Hose Assemblies.

The Hyspan engineering staff has the experience, design tools and development facilities to design and evaluate metal bellows and hose assemblies for OEM applications, military specifications, andAutomotive Bellows Assembly scientific projects.  Quality systems are maintained to military standards and the European PED. Our fabrication facilities include metal forming, machining, brazing and welding.  Hyspan is the manufacturer of service parts for Anamet/Anaconda Metal Hose, Flexible Metal Hose as well as our own products

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